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“The tools we use when we go testing enable us to understand the car better”

“The tools we use when we go testing enable us to understand the car better”


Four questions to Clément Lauté (Development Engineer, Peugeot Sport)


What is your job at Team Peugeot Hansen?

I’m involved in the development of the PEUGEOT 208 WRX. More specifically, I’m in charge of new component testing. After making prototypes, we test new parts on the development car. We evaluate them, strengthen them if necessary and then sign them off – or not – depending on how strong, reliable and efficient they are. Once approved, new parts are put on the racing cars for the next race. I may also suggest some evolutions to the drawing office.


Isn’t it frustrating not to attend races?

Not at all. I know exactly what the specification of the car is and I can appreciate what is and what isn’t working. I rely totally on Nicolas (Guéranger) and Axel (Verchère) to make the maximum of the car’s potential over race weekends. It’s quite exciting to gauge how efficient our work has been by the results the team achieves.


How exciting is WorldRX in terms of car development?

The technical regulations are very liberal, which means we are able to put forward ideas. We can test and evaluate a great deal of them thanks to data acquisition tools that we can’t use during race weekends. That’s one of the main points of testing: we can get a lot of data that helps us to get a better understanding of the car. So far, there aren’t many restrictions. The only thing we can’t do is test at a venue that will be visited by a round of the championship within the next 54 days. I guess it may get more restrictive in the future.


What is your best memory in rallycross?

Previously, I worked in circuit racing, ice racing and rallying. This year was my first year in rallycross and I enjoyed it very much! The atmosphere in the team is great. There’s a real sense of team spirit and this stimulates us to give it our very best shot, despite not having an unlimited budget. It is this team spirit that helps us to achieve so much on the technical side.