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“I started with the team 25 years ago and I never stopped”

“I started with the team 25 years ago and I never stopped”


Four questions to Kennet Nyberg, #21 PEUGEOT 208 WRX mechanic


When did you start to work for Kenneth Hansen ?

I’ve been working for Hansen Motorsport for 25 years. I started in 1992. At that time, Kenneth was driving a Ford Cosworth. I was living close to Kenneth’s Götene workshop. I was a welder at that time. They had a problem with their bus and Kenneth’s father requested me to help with the bus. That’s what I did and after that Kenneth asked me if I would be interested in working on his racing car. I was 23. I accepted and I never stopped working for the team since.


What is you job in the team ?

I work on Timmy’s car. My speciality is working on the bodywork, the metal and the plastic but I can deal with many other works, like suspension, for exemple. I like this life. You must accept work a lot but it’s OK. Of course, I follow a plan but I can work my own way.


Last race, Timmy had a crash between Qualification 3 & 4. How was it to fix the car ?

In such circumstancies, you have to be able to improvise a little bit. You have to focus on what is important. When I saw the crash at HellRX, I thought that the race was over but when the car came back to the paddock, I realized that engine and gearbox were OK. So we worked hard to replace dampers, intercoolers, driveshaft… and we succeeded. It was a great satisfaction to finish, having some time left.


What are your best memories with Hansen ?

Kenneth had a big crash in Norway in 2007. Kenneth was quite shocked and the car was completely destroyed. So we did the maximum to fix the car in time for the following race and Kenneth was able to race again.