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"I function better under pressure! "

"I function better under pressure! "


Four questions to Graham Rodemark, Kevin Hansen’s race engineer & spotter.


What is your job within Team Peugeot Hansen ?

I’m in control of everything on Kevin’s car. I have the last word in terms of set-up. I look after Kevin, the mechanics and I’m Kevin’s spotter. I’m also involed in all the technical debrief with Kevin, Timmy and Seb. During a racing weekend, the most difficult thing is probably having what you want as an engineer on the car, with regards to set-up, and keeping the driver happy with the car. There is always a compromise there. That’s what we try to get all together.


How did you get your passion for motorsport ?

My father was a Rallycross and Autocross driver but he stopped when I was two years old. I was every weekend on a circuit from a baby until two but I have no memory of that. When I was 16, my father wanted me to work during the summer break. I had a friend I used to ride motorcycle trial with. He was working for Julian Godfrey Engineering which was building engines for Rallycross cars. I began there cleaning the floor and making the tea and never looked back.


How did happen your connection with Hansen Motorsport ?

I was working for Liam Doran and he had the opportunity to drive for Hansen Motorsport in 2010, I think. In the deal, he should bring one mechanic. I was this mechanic. That’s when I started to work for Hansen Motorsport. I didn’t reallly expect to continue and end up where I am today.


How did you get linked with Kevin Hansen skills development ?

In England, it’s possible to drive as a Junior at 14 years old. Kenneth and Susann were interested for Kevin to drive in the British Championship and they asked me to prepare everything for Kevin. That’s when the relationship started between me and Kevin. It was easier for Kevin to trust me because on the first year he should drive the Suzuki I was also driving. I was very surprised and also very honoured that Kenneth with his unbelievable career asked me to work with Kevin and I think that helped me to become the person I am today. This was a very special opportunity and a bit of pressure too. But, all of my life, I’ve functioned better under pressure! I’m a happy man: Kevin’s evolution is over the moon! Every year, he makes a big step. I’m so proud of him ! He’s just fantastic. It makes me want to work harder.