Peugeot 208 WRX



Power: 600 bhp
0-100 kph in 2 seconds
Top speed: 210kph (at a WRX circuit)

4-cylinder and 1.998 cc
transverse, front
Maximum power: 580 hp at 6.000 rpm
Torque: 850 Nm at 4.500 rpm
Air restrictor diameter: 45 mm.
Max engine speed: 8.000 rpm
Lubricant: TOTAL QUARTZ 10W-50

4-wheel drive
Sadev gearbox, 6-speed, manual and sequential
Differential: Limited slip differential
Lubricants: TOTAL 755 HPX 80W-140

Peugeot 208 WRX
Bodywork: Carbon fibre
Shell: converted standard Peugeot 208 with Matter roll cage.
Rear wing: adjustable
Dimensions: Length:3.965 mm / Width: 1.850 mm / Height: 1.380 m

Dampers: Öhlins, adjustable
Front/rear suspension: MacPherson type
Travel: 300 mm
Springs: one coil spring per wheel
Anti-roll bars: Front and rear
Front/rear brakes: 4-piston light weight alloy one-piece callipers
Rims: Magnesium alloy (17 inch)
Tyres: Cooper 

Weight, minimum
1.300 kg